Nepal Consulate Brisbane


Namaste – The Nepal Consulate in Brisbane is now closed for the Christmas break and not be open until 10am Tuesday 5th January 2021. You must have an appointment to visit the consulate. You can email us for information

CURRENT advice from Nepal EMBASSY IN CANBERRA (current at October 2020):

  • You can only apply for a visa for emergency travel to Nepal.
  • You must apply to the Nepal Embassy in Canberra for authority to travel.
  • If you are approved, the Embassy will inform the relevant Consulate office of your details.
  • If you are granted authority to travel, you must contact the Nepal Consulate in Brisbane to arrange your visa. You must email the Consulate office to arrange an appointment time – The Consul will arrange a suitable time for you to come to the office. (Currently the office is closed unless you have an appointment.)
  • Anyone entering Nepal will need to Self Quarantine for 14 days on entry to Nepal.
  • Information available on the Nepal Embassy Website – click here

Please be aware that the Nepal Consulate hours have changed.   

The Consulate Office is currently closed.
(The Consulate is also closed during the Christmas holiday period and public holidays.)

Our express service for visas is not currently available. We will advise processes when we reopen.
(The Consulate no longer accepts drop off/pick up of visa applications).

Visa fees were current as at March 2020. We will advise any changes as informed by the Embassy of Nepal.

See the Visa Fees page for information.

Street Address: Level 5, 269 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley

Applying for a tourist visa to Nepal

We will upload a new visa form when we are accepting visa applications once borders re-open.

If you require an emergency visa AND you have contacted the Embassy and have approval and you have contacted the Consulate office for an appointment, you can download the visa application form here.

The Consulate office is CLOSED until further notice.

We will advise when on-the-spot express visas are available again.  (Please note that there is an extra charge for on the spot processing.)

We are not currently accepting any visa applications.

Under usual circumstances, for postal applications, regular visa processing can take up to 10 business days from the date the application is received. Once finalised, your passport will be returned via your self-addressed Registered Post or Signature Express Post envelope. Visas may take longer than 10 business days during our busy months from August to November, or as a result of limited staffing.

Do not use standard Express Post envelopes for sending or receiving passports. It is not safe. For an extra $2.95 you can purchase a Signature on Collection Express Post envelope from your Post Office which provides the security of obtaining a signature on collection as well as the usual tracking facility.

Please also ensure your envelope has the correct weight/width/weight for return of passport/s (preferably more than 5mm max width which is only usually suitable for 1 passport). You can consult Post Office staff who will help you purchase the correct sized envelope.

The Consulate is not responsible for any loss or damage to documents sent via mail/post or any undelivered passports because of insufficient postage, flimsy envelopes or other incidents that may occur during transit or handling of documents.